Capacity bottlenecks for export container shipments to Asia and the Middle East

Current information from Lamprecht Transport Ltd.

Currently, there are significant capacity bottlenecks in shipments from European ports to Asia and the Middle East. Short-notice container loadings can at the moment only be realised with difficulty, we are happy to propose viable solutions to you. Many shipping companies only accept shipments for departures in 4 to 6 weeks. The rationalisation of timetables by the shipping companies is responsible for this.

Simultaneously with this artificial capacity shortage, the shipping companies have drastically increased sea freight rates. The introduction of Emergency Surcharges or Peak Season Surcharges also annuls existing freight agreements, or they are simply terminated. This business policy of the shipping companies is to be attributed to the fact that the years of overcapacities and uneconomical ocean freight rates have plunged international container shipping into a serious crisis.

We hope that the capacity problems for export containers will soon abate itself. In the case of your despatch planning, please contact your local Lamprecht transport office as early as possible so that we can reserve maritime loading capacity for your container shipments in good time.