Measures during stink bug season in Australia

Current information from Lamprecht Transport Ltd.

Known as an agricultural pest, the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) is able to feed on around 300 different plant species and severely damage fruit and vegetable crops. 

In order to prevent its entrance into the country the Australian Government Department of Agriculture has established mandatory fumigation treatment for certain categories of goods that are shipped by ocean freight during the bug risk season.

Certain goods manufactured in, or shipped from target risk countries, to which European countries must be counted, and/or vessels that berth at, load or tranship from target risk countries must comply with the seasonal measures which will last from September 1, 2019 till May 31, 2020. 

The cargo treatments must be completed by an approved treatment provider. There are 193 approved providers across 24 countries. They must provide you with a BMSB Treatment Certificate. Accepted treatments include:

  • Sulfuryl fluoride fumigation
  • Methyl bromide fumigation (most common)
  • Heat treatment.

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