Hyperloop, a project of Elon Musk, which might revolutionize the transport of people and goods

Current information from Lamprecht Transport Ltd.

With his big international idea contest Elon Musk pushes his vision that one day capsules will transport people and goods from A to B via vacuum tubes at almost the speed of sound. In the long term, this technology shall enable to transport goods more quickly and in a more eco-friendly way.

More than 1000 student teams from all over the globe had applied to participate in Elon Musk’s 3rd Hyperloop Pod Competition which took place in Los Angeles in July 2018. Swissloop, a team of students from ETH Zurich was one of 20 teams to have received an invitation to Los Angeles.

The invited teams had the opportunity to test their transport capsules, known as „pods“, for one week on the Space-X site. Only the three best pods were allowed to travel through the 1.25 kilometer long vacuum tube on 22nd July. The fastest one was the winner.

With their first prototype „Escher“ Swissloop ranked third last year.

For 2018 the Swissloop team had developed a completely new transport capsule for goods. Regrettably, with this pod they were not as successful as they were last year. Nevertheless, we congratulate the team and wish them that their great vision comes true one day.

We as Lamprecht Transport Ltd. are proud that we could act as a sponsor for Swissloop and thus could effect the air transport of the pod “Mujinga”, named after the Swiss athlete Mujinga Kambundji, to Los Angeles. She is Switzerland’s fastest woman sprinter ever.

For more information visit www.swissloop.ch