30 years of consolidated air freight from and to India

Current information from Lamprecht Transport Ltd.

The past years

We look back on exciting, fruitful and fulfilling years in the field of airfreight. Ever since the founding of our freight forwarding business we have been transporting consolidated air freight weekly to the world-famous metropolises of India, to Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore or Hyderabad. Contact with the subcontinent has always been close to our hearts, not only for economic reasons but because we have come to appreciate and love the region.

India is an up-and-coming country with a growing economy and an array of interesting business areas. The Indian market is becoming more and more attractive. This is reflected not least in the growth of economic contacts between India and Switzerland. It matters not whether it is to do with the import or export of goods, India bodes well with excellent opportunities for the international sales of products and exotic quality goods for import. We at Lamprecht Transport Ltd. are your contact for the Indian market.

Professional air freight service between Switzerland and India

Are you looking for an expert in the field of air freight, one with years of experience and an excellent network of agents at the destination? Would you like to gain a foothold in the Indian market with your product?

We would be honoured to convey your next shipment to or from India. Should you be interested in a cooperation, please contact us. Our air freight departments in Basel, Zurich, St. Gallen and Geneva will process your inquiry and be pleased to present you with a customised offer.