A family enterprise makes history

The firm's founder, A. Lamprecht senior, backed the "right horse" in 1945. He discerned the economic recovery after the Second World War and the related, rising importance of transportation and logistics services. Over around 70 years the enterprise has been gradually built up and expanded - it is now being successfully managed in the third generation by Thomas Lamprecht. 70 years have so much to tell, here are the most important milestones of Lamprecht Transport Ltd.:

1945 Founding of Lamprecht Transport Ltd.
1947 Opening of the branch office in Zurich
1965 Opening of the branch office in Geneva
1967 Takeover of Nord-Süd Spedition AG
1967 Opening of the branch office in Ramsen, Switzerland
1968 Founding of American Lamprecht Transport Inc. in the United States
1975 Lamprecht Transport has 200 employees
1994 Quality in focus: Certification to ISO 9002: 1987
1998 Thomas Lamprecht takes over the CEO position in the third generation
2001 Acquisition of FEAG Internationale Transporte AG in St. Gallen
2001 Opening of the branch office in St. Gallen
2002 Founding of Expo-Cargo AG in Basel
2004 Lamprecht Transport Ltd.  has 300 employees
2005 Opening of Expo-Cargo AG in Zurich
2007 Founding of Lamprecht Pharma Logistics AG Basel
2008 Quality Assurance: Certification to ISO 9001: 2008
2009 SQAS auditing
2010 Opening of the 5th branch of American Lamprecht Transport Inc. in Houston, Texas, USA
2013 AEO Certification (Authorised Economic Operator)
2015 Integration of Senrac Transportation Services in Houston TX, International Heavy Equipment Shipping, into American Lamprecht Transport Inc.
2016 Integration of Seabridge International Freight in Baltimore, Maryland. The company is operating as branch No. 6 of American Lamprecht under the brand Seabridge Lamprecht
Merger with AmCar Freight in Miami, Florida. This 7th branch office works under Amcar Lamprecht 
2017 Opening of the 8th branch of American Lamprecht in Denver, Colorado and the 9th in San Francisco 
2018 Certification ISO 9001:2015
2020 Lamprecht Transport Ltd. celebrates its 75th anniversary


Today, Lamprecht Transport Ltd. and its subsidiaries have the ideal preconditions available to continue successfully mastering the versatile challenges of the future.